what is a Mamoosh?

Chloe & Eagan have given me the cutest mommy nickname... it's a cross between mommy & woosh = Mamoosh

Saturday, November 16, 2013

~~ Restoration ~~

did u ever feel like u were on the brink of something ... breathtaking?  
amazing.    i mean.... AMAZING! 
energy swirling, excitement mounting.
but nothing... concrete, to really verify this shift of paradigm.  

that is me.... right now...
aching for this season of restoration to be underway. 
breathing again and again. 

and then it hits me..... I'm actually in the middle of it.  Right Now! 
isn't that so like God to just throw us in the middle of something,,, and then bless us like crazy!!  

Romans 8:28 For all things work together for good for those that love god and are called 
according to His purpose. 

His promises are 
so divinely beautiful, 
so hard to put to words, 
when your heart beats peace

Sunday, September 19, 2010

tired, sick, exhausted

do u ever feel like this?
this is my week apparently...
as a mother i anticipated this as an underlying always in life to come with kids, however, i underestimated the amount of time i would actually feel this way.
beyond the "stop it" and the "stop hitting your brother/sister" ....
let there be an energy spring inside me, bubbling over, unable to contain....
is that possible?

loving my life ... one moment at a time
and wondering if solitude, quiet, or energy ever restore?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family Fun Night

The kids and I started a little thing last year called Family Fun Night!  We attempted to do it once a week, just the kids and I, hangin' out, having fun together, talking and laughing. 
Well, with summer activities and late nights that flew out the window so fast... i hardly saw it go.
Anyways,,,, we did our 2nd first one tonight and what a blast.
1. Dress-up...
Eagan had on all camoflauge, a red sparkly belt, bandanas on his writst, a backpack filled with goodies, and a batman cape,   oh, and don't forget the camo hat.
Chloe had a new Minnesota Vikings cap on ( don't get me started on t his one, she followed Favre...) and all kinds of necklaces.
Mama had a red bandana on my head with "mouse ears" on top!  Dress up beads all over my neck and wrists along with bandanas tied on my forearms. 
it was a sight to see! 
2.  Board games...
We started with Dora Memory... and Eagan only lasted about half way through,  attention is gone!!
We moved into Scooby Doo Bingo which is always fun...   B - Dog Bone .... BINGO!!
3.  Movie...
popcorn is done and Camp Rock 2 is on. 

What a great time to connect, talk, observe, and just be.. with my kids.  What a blessing they are and what a blessing it is that we can have nights like this. 

i intend on doing this weekly with them and making it a priority.  am trying to foster an environment of honest communication, respect, and committment to family.  hope this is the road to get us there... guess i will find out in about 12 yrs!!
Lord help me!!

"Mom, when can i get a dirtbike?" asked 9/4/10
Chloe - my beautiful princess!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

the harmony of clean

ok, so long story super short....
i cleaned out my storage unit today after 3 years of "wondering" how i was going to do it.  let me explain briefly, after a divorce, which as you can imagine, was devastating... i packed everything up and put it in storage hoping to one day "get" my life back.... (thinking that it meant my husband, our house, a home, etc.. )
fortunate for me, god knew what he was doing in all this, and today i understand the harmony of CLEAN. Cleaning OUT, Cleaning UP, and Cleaning the crap to the curb!!
Oh the weight of worry, and thinking, and wondering just lifted from my shoulders.  The joy of "finally, a decision" has sprung upon me.
Knowing that the CHAPTER HAS ENDED... and a new chapter has begun.
It is difficult to find the words, ironically....  but i know that some of you will understand! comprehend! cry tears of joy with me!
Praise the Lord for the unanswered prayers ( i have garth brooks going through my mind :-) )  
Romans 8:28 - He works all things for the good of those that love the lord and are called according to His purpose.

Now,  to find my purpose! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

so 2000-late

Well Hello -- this is my first Blog... and i am not sure what to do, how to do it, and how to find anyone that I know!
I do see though that some of you have been on here for a very long time, connecting & having fun!! 
Ok ok,,, I am finally getting up to speed.  Being a single mom with a full-time job is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! 
It should be exciting to post the happenings of this life, the kids in updated pictures, and find old friends!
Excited to be on a new adventure!
Praise God -- my energy is returning, my spirit is on fire again, and the sassiness is back!!