what is a Mamoosh?

Chloe & Eagan have given me the cutest mommy nickname... it's a cross between mommy & woosh = Mamoosh

Saturday, November 16, 2013

~~ Restoration ~~

did u ever feel like u were on the brink of something ... breathtaking?  
amazing.    i mean.... AMAZING! 
energy swirling, excitement mounting.
but nothing... concrete, to really verify this shift of paradigm.  

that is me.... right now...
aching for this season of restoration to be underway. 
breathing again and again. 

and then it hits me..... I'm actually in the middle of it.  Right Now! 
isn't that so like God to just throw us in the middle of something,,, and then bless us like crazy!!  

Romans 8:28 For all things work together for good for those that love god and are called 
according to His purpose. 

His promises are 
so divinely beautiful, 
so hard to put to words, 
when your heart beats peace

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